If The Kickstarter For Potato Salad Can Get $40,000 In Donations, The Family Of Fallen FDNY Lt. Ambelas Should Get $400,000



Staten Island Live – The widow of FDNY hero Lt. Gordon “Matt” Ambelas made an emotional post on social media hours after her husband died in the line of duty at a fire in Brooklyn on Saturday. “My life and my children’s has forever been changed,” wrote Nanette Russo Ambelas on her Facebook page Sunday afternoon. Her message continues: “I was lucky enough to call you my husband for almost 10 wonderful years and thank you for giving me two of the most special part of you Gabriella and Giovanna had the best father in the world. How do I say goodbye to you, Matt, you were my everything and the rock of this family… My heart will never heal and I will love you forever. I want more time!!! Sleep with the angels baby and we will be together again until then I will raise our girls to make you proud I love you Matt…” Gabriella and Giovanna are the couple’s two daughters, ages 7 and 5, respectively.

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Here is the kickstarter for the dude who is making a bowl of potato salad as of 12:30PM EST. $40,000. Forty. Thousand. Dollars. For a dude who said he’s gonna make a bowl of potato salad.

And right now our flags are flying at half staff and a Staten Island family is planning the funeral for a man who lost his life trying to save others. I’m not trying to be overly dramatic here. I know this potato salad thing is just a wacky internet craze right now and this kinda stuff goes viral like this because its fun and light hearted. But if the Buzz Feed losers can shell out money for this dumbass potato salad thing, then they can give a donation to the Ambelas family to help the Lieutenant’s widow and 2 daughters get through the rest of their lives without them. If a bowl of potato salad is worth 40 grand then the lives and education of Gabriella and Giovanna Ambelas, ages 7 and 5, are at least worth $400,000.

You can donate Ambelas Children’s Education fund here on the FDNY Foundation page.  Right underneath the “Donation Information” headline just check off “Lt. Gordon “Matt” Ambelas Children’s Education Fund” and make your donation. If for some reason, you prefer the old school method of mailing a check, you can send them to

The FDNY foundation
9 metro tech center
Brooklyn NY, 11201

And make the check out to “Lt. Gordon “Matt” Ambelas Children’s Education Fund”

He helped us through 9/11. He helped us through Hurricane Sandy. For the past 14 years he helped us. I think its time that this city returns the favor and helps him and his girls out.