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Pray for Flora: An American Trapped in Wuhan (Birthplace of the Coronavirus)

I just started a thread with photos, videos, and updates on the Coronavirus and wanted to share some juicy tidbits in blog form. 

Most importantly, I got an inside look at an "Americans in Wuhan" Group chat. If you're not in the loop, Wuhan its a city of 11 million people where the virus originated from that has since been put on lockdown. Roads are blocked. Airports and train stations closed. While most Americans there seem to be doing their best staying calm, some aren't handling it too well, none more so than Flora...(and rightfully so, the situation is scary) 

Listen, I'm not gonna shame Flora for getting hysterical. Not one bit. I have no idea how I'd react if I was literally trapped in the epicenter of a potential pandemic. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't find this conversation wildly entertaining and I'm not alone, Flora memes are now all the rage amongst expats in China.

Apparently the US Embassy in Wuhan left the country without telling anyone a day before the city was put on lockdown. Kinda fucked up they didn't give any other Americans, not even Flora, a heads up. 

In other news, cases of Coronavirus have now been confirmed in Texas and Chicago. No need to panic I'm just stating facts. Fact like Bat Soup is in fact a thing people eat in Wuhan.