Mark Jackson Goes Completely Off The Deep End And Preaches Religion On The Corner Of The Street In LA

Mark Jackson is a real religious dude. Real involved in his church and always been a big man of faith. I got no problem with that. But when you start preaching on the street corners like this, you’re a lunatic in my book. Plain and simple you look like a maniac when you stand on the streets with children gathered around yelling about Jesus and shit. And if there’s one thing thats hot in the streets right now in the NBA its intolerance, so I’m sure all those other religions he’s denouncing are gonna love this little scene. But I guess thats just how you roll when you’re a preacher yelling about people. “My made up story is right and your made up story is wrong!”

I got no problem with religious people but keep it to yourself man. Especially if you wanna be an NBA coach or an ESPN analyst. Standing on the streets screaming about Jesus is for the homeless dude who stands outside the Fordham Road stop on Metro North. Not Mark Jackson. If I’m an owner or a GM I’m crossing Mark Jackson right off the list. And I hope Jeff Van Gundy busts his balls for being a religious psycho when they do their next broadcast together.