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Can Jocko Willink Fix Kate?

Today’s guest Jocko Willink is the polar opposite of Kate. Jocko wakes up at 4:30am, eats a bowl of nails for breakfast and then kicks the shit out of his day. Kate wakes up when she feels like it, eats peanut butter chips in her bed and somehow still manages to be the co-lead on the #1 military podcast in the world. Incredible. Today’s show is a must listen.

ROUND 1: Running through the jungle with my M-16. What smell is in my nostrils, it’s still Simple Green. We took to our social media accounts to see what smells reminded you of military life the most. The results? Well, you sick fucks came through again.

ROUND 2: Set your watches to MOTIVATION O’CLOCK because we have Navy SEAL, author & leadership guru Jocko Willink on the show, and boy does he think Kate is a loser

ROUND 3: There’s a group online trying to make money off a hot new fad… The Military Diet… And no it’s not Rip It’s and cheap cigarettes.

ROUND 4: The U.S. Navy says it will name an aircraft carrier after Doris “Dorie” Miller, the African American mess attendant who heroically leapt into combat during the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It’s an incredible story and so well deserved.