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Khabib Posts Very Mean Meme Regarding Conor McGregor's New Record

Conor McGregor earned himself a new UFC record with his :40 second knockout of Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone, and one he was very proud of in his post-fight interview; he is now the first man in history to hold knockouts in three different weight divisions (Featherweight - 145lbs, Lightweight - 155lbs, and Welterweight - 170lbs). 

It's an incredible feat, especially considering how spread out the weight divisions in mixed martial arts are - as opposed to boxing, where they're all separated by 1.4lbs or whatever - but of course, Party Pooper Khabib is here to spoil everyone's fun as he always does. 

This clown Khabib posted a shot of McGregor losing in all three weight divisions as if that means anything. Like anyone cares. Seems like the kinda thing you shouldn't be able to make fun of until you've actually attempted to jump up (or down) in weight (like Hubbs asking Lo Duca how many rings he has), but Khabib's been petrified of change for years. He actually probably robbed us of the Khabib/Georges St-Pierre superfight and forced GSP into retirement because he wouldn't agree to a fight at 170lbs!

Khabib better hope he retires before Conor gets his rematch, because I may tweet him the eventual photo of McGregor standing victorious over his unconscious body incessantly for (dozens of) years if he doesn't. He'll have it coming! He has been VERY mean in the last fifteen months.