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Jarvis Landry Just Revolutionized The Sport Of Dodgeball As We Know It

They say the 5 D's of dodgeball are dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge. Jarvis Landry doesn't need any of them as long as he's got those paws. 

For centuries, human beings have turned to dodgeball as a way to absolutely smoke some people in the dome with a large, inflated rubber ball. I know that "dodge" is in the name "Dodgeball", but everybody knows the main objective of the game is to drill someone with a heater. You're looking to inflict pain and damage on your opponent. But Jarvis Landry may have just changed the game as we know it. 

Because sometimes the best offense is an elite defense. He knocks out 4 straight opponents with a pair of back-to-back catches, goads Davante Adams into crossing the midline, and then finishes it off with the game winning catch on Jaylon Smith. A legendary performance and not a single ball was thrown. This has to have been what it was like to watch the dunk first get introduced to basketball. The only thing I'm worried about here is the fact that dodgeball is a copy cat league. So it's gonna be pretty difficult for anybody to ever win if neither side ever attempts to throw a ball. Jarvis Landry either revolutionized the game or he just ruined it. Either way, I'm just glad he was finally able to look happy out there and enjoy a victory with his teammates. Almost looked like he forgot what that felt like.