Wake Up With Kingpin (FULL MOVIE)


Great movie and it couldn't come at a better time now that bowling season is upon us until March Madness. If you're not rolling a ball right now it's because you're an idiot. Nothing beats Wednesday or Thursday night with the boys on the lanes. Couple reasons:

- One of the last places you're encouraged to buy pitchers at a notable discount = bowling alleys

- One of the last places smoke breaks aren't frowned upon = bowling alleys

- Discounts if you pay in cash = (good) bowling alleys 

- Satisfy your competitive nature without breaking a sweat and minimal injury risk = bowling alleys 

- Feel like a grown man doing grown man shit = bowling alleys 

- Bowling shirts encouraged = bowling alleys 

This is a summary list. I have an entire notebook spanning 37 handwritten pages of all the benefits bowling alleys have brought into my life. I can't recommend it enough to get you through the worst part of the year. If you or a loved one are just getting into the game, give me a heyhowyadoin on twitter @barstoolcarl