Surprising: Turns Out Singing "It's Raining Men" And Performing A Strip Tease At An Interview Doesn't Get You The Job

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Mirror- Doing something to stand out from the crowd when you’re applying for jobs is always advised. Mukra Mirza took it one step further, however, by stripping off in front of his interviewers. Unsurprisingly he received a short letter telling him he was not a suitable candidate. Mr Mirza, 32, broke into a Full Monty-style strip tease to try and set himself apart from other candidates.But, despite his best efforts, the wacky act – which saw him sing Weather Girl’s hit ‘It’s Raining Men’ while seductively taking off his top – failed to secure him the IT job. And claims on his CV that his previous experience of “sex trafficking women from the Middle East” was proof of his suitability for the recruitment role was also given short shrift. Instead Mukra received a letter congratulating him on his “disco-diva performance”, but turning him down for the position.

Well color me shocked.  How does doing a strip tease to “It’s Raining Men” not get you a job?  What world are we living in?  Makes zero sense.  I don’t care what job a person is interviewing for, if they have the stones to stand up in front of the interviewers and whip off their clothes off while singing along to a song by The Weather Girls, you hire that person on the spot.  Again, doesn’t matter what the job is.  Put them on the payroll immediately.  We’ve all been in interviews.  I don’t know about you, but I can barely breathe during them.  I’m two seconds away from having a panic attack at all times during an interview.  Stripping off the clothes is the last thing on my mind.  Sprinting out of the room and heading to the nearest bar is the only thing on my mind.  And for this Mukra Mirza fella to lay it all on the line shows that he has the “it” factor.  He has the thing that will allow him to be successful in whatever line of work he chooses.  That’s confidence.  Too bad for the company that turned him down.  Mukra is a rising star and anybody would be lucky to grab onto his coattails.

PS- Putting down “sex trafficking Middle East women” as a positive on your resume?  That takes fucking onions.  Big ol’ onions.  Onions so big that the world isn’t ready for them.