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Texas Tech Giving Its Students Free Beer Before Its Game vs UK Has To Be Illegal Or An NCAA Violation And I Won't Stand For It

What the hell is this? I know teams are always finding ways to create a homecourt advantage when Kentucky comes to town - typically a free t-shirt, new uniforms, a blackout/whiteout, etc., but this? This is illegal. It just has to be. At the minimum it has to be an NCAA violation. I don't know how, but you can't just be giving out free beer. Texas Tech are good people too - I had a great time drinking with them in Minneapolis last year. That said, I care way more about my beloved university and a fair game more than those fine people of Lubbock. Buy your own beer. Be like every other every other fanbase in America and sneak in alcohol and go to a bar before the game. I won't stand by without being a voice for Kentucky. I won't stand for this injustice that Chris Beard and Texas Tech is trying to pull by having a drunken crowd harass Coach Cal and Kentucky. Nope. Not on my watch. I'm demanding the NCAA investigate this, I mean this is people trying to have fun for Christ's sake. The NCAA loves shutting down people having fun and I expect them to step in here. 

Remember what happens in Lubbock when people get hammered: 

Don't want my guys in jeopardy here. I'm officially putting this game under protest.