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Poster In Thailand Warns About All The Dangers Of Sex


Mo sexy Mo problems. It’s just negative energy like my man Puff say. Lets break this shit down step by step:

Polite sex will birth a son, Romantic sex births a daughter, and Sexy Sex will give you a Lady Boy – Its hard to dispute this. It actually makes perfect sense. You have sex like a gentleman, you get a man. You fuck like a pussy, you get a girl. You get kinky and start doing perverted shit and you get a tranny. Its all about the style in which the baby is conceived. I’d say this is just as accurate as the other shit doctors tell you about child birth. This poster is 1 for 1 so far.

Free Sex…Party…Become Poor Dog – Hmmm hard to see how this one comes about. Free sex is the best kind of sex. And when you go to a party thats basically what you’re looking for. Thats almost the whole reason we’re having the party, you know? So not sure why that would make you turn into a dog. Plus I’m not even so sure this is a bad thing. Being reincarnated as a dog ain’t too shabby. I’d rather not be a poor dog but whatever, I’ll take it.

Entertainer + Homo People —–> Become Entertain Dog (Homo Dog) – Its been a while since I did my If P, then Q proofs. And I’m also trying to remember my transitive property. If A=B and B=C then A=C, right? So this seems like pretty solid logic to me. Homo entertainers turns you into a homo entertainer dog.

Pay for sex…become black cat…more sexual, become cockroach – This makes a little more sense. Becoming a cat or a cockroach for buying whores actually sounds like more of a punishment. Pay for pussy, become a pussy.

Obscene Books…XX Movie…Make you blind – This right here is just a fact. If I’m not blind by the time I’m 60 after staring at a bright screen watching terabytes of porn over the years, I’ll consider it a miracle.

So whats the solution to all this? What do you do if you dont want to become a homo dog or a cockroach or a black cat or give birth to a tranny? Simple.

Eat half dinner or vegetarian…good sleep – Doesn’t exactly sound glamorous but if you only eat a half a dinner and hit the sheets, I promise you none of that fucked up stuff will happen to you. There’s really no denying that. All in all I’d say this poster is shooting about 50% when it comes to sex education.