Who Wants To Help Me Make The Spin The Bottle App From The Leftovers And Make A Billion Dollars?

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The Leftovers premiered on Sunday night. I wrote a whole recap about how the show is going to explore the depths of human confusion and chaos after a pseudo apocalyptic event. Instead all anyone can talk about is the Spin the Bottle game the kids were playing at the party. 21st Century, post Rapture Spin The Bottle is apparently way fucking cooler than any loser version we’ve ever played. If you watched the episode, you saw there were 4 choices that were in play. “Hug” – blah. “Burn” – Heat up a metal fork over an open flame and brand the persons arm with it. “Fuck” – Just take the girl and fuck her. And the Silver Tuna of them all, “Choke” – where you crack stick and the chick has to choke you out. Some fucking hardcore shit, man.

So the question is which one of you computer nerds is gonna help me make this app a real thing? I’d play this shit in a heartbeat. I mean, yea, “Burn” is a pretty steep price to pay. But for the chance to spin some “Fuck” or “Choke?” Its like T Bone’s Roulette. Sometimes you get sexy, sometimes you get gruesome, mutilated pain. Man’s price for a Man’s Game. And make no mistake, Leftovers Spin The Bottle is a Man’s Game. I figure we’ll have to jump through some hoops to get Apple to approve it. And there might be a lawsuit here and there when people die from autoerotic asphyxiation and/or experience third degree burns. But if you don’t think every high school and college kid on the planet would at least pay 99 cents to play this game once, you’re outside of your mind. We’ll be so rich we can fight any lawsuit or criminal charges.

PS – My buddy has a daughter and I asked him if he’d rather her play that every night or just be one of the people Raptured. With zero hesitation he said Rapture. Just pluck her from the planet rather than let her play that game once. Thats good parenting right there.