The New York Yankees: Somehow In Contention


No real news story here to report on but we gotta talk about the Yankees so lets try to cover a bunch of ground.

Losses- We’re finding ways to lose games like we played in Queens. These losses lately have been either a total blowout or we come from behind to tie it up, only to blow the game in late or extra innings. Good teams win those games and since we aren’t winning those games, guess what that makes us. For anyone keeping score at home, the correct answer was “a bad team”. Luckily, the rest of the division is in the same boat, so we can improve.

Kevin Long- This guy has got to go. I know he hasn’t hit into a single DP or left any runners on base, but his guys have, so a change is needed.  I’m not saying that this is 100% the change that will turn the season around, but the main problem is offense right now and if Long hasn’t inspired these guys yet, it’s not going to happen. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, and to keep Long would be fucking insane.

Trades- We’ve been hearing for about 2 weeks that Cashman fully plans on making moves to improve this team, which is different than what we have heard in previous years. This has to give all Yankee fans a bit of hope because at least we’re gonna try. With the 2nd wild card there are more teams in contention and less that are willing to sell, but it looks like we’ll be going after a starter and a bat. I know that everyone who hates the Yankees and some Yankee fans are going to disagree here, but I say empty the farm system. At the end of the day, the Yankees print money in the Bronx so when we have a need we can just sign a free agent. More importantly, it’s not my money so I don’t care if it gets spent. I need a bat and I need an arm and I needed them fucking yesterday.

Ellsbury, McCann and Beltran- Well this certainly did not go as planned so far. I don’t think things will stay this way because, these guys have been much better players for too long for it to all fall to shit for a full season. However, the longer things go on this way, the more the boo birds are going to come out, which wont help anyone’s confidence. The hope here is that each of these guys can string together a few decent games heading into the break and come out of the gates strong for the 2nd half.

Jeter- The fielding is becoming a problem and every time he gets up it’s a double play, but he has raised his batting average something like 15 points in the last month (I didn’t research this at all) so things are improving. I really don’t have anything else on Jeter but he is just out there playing the game the right way and that pisses off KFC. If that is the only thing I accomplish today, it’s a good day. Oh yeah and it’s been 10 years since “The Dive”, good shit.

Tanaka- This guy is great. I know he lost on Saturday, but he went out there and competed the way a lot of guys aren’t and thats all you can ask for. Was the fastball a dumb pitch to throw Napoli? Yeah, but he thought he could get it passed Napoli and I trust Tanaka to pick pitches over any of us. As for the “What an idiot!” comment from Napoli, it’s no big deal. It is pretty clear it was a joke from Wedding Crashers, and something that the Red Sox probably say all the time because they have a notoriously relaxed clubhouse. The camera man shouldn’t be that close or at least shouldn’t have a mic on the guys talking in and around the dugout anyway. If you want to make a big deal about it, go have your period somewhere else.

KFC Editor’s Cuckhold – The fact that the Yankees brought in Tanaka, Ellsbury, McCann and Beltran to the tune of $450 million and still need to be buyers at the deadline is absolutely fucking insane. How can a team with that high of a payroll still be so shitty?