Nothing To See Here, Just Giancarlo Stanton Bench Pressing Supermodel Adriana Lima

First of all, you are all disgusting for worrying about Adriana Lima's weight. So many nasty Red Sox fans in the replies on Twitter these days sheeesh. Why does it matter how much a woman weighs? It's 2020, we're worrying about what women are like on the inside. Get it together. 

Second, I think Giancarlo got tired of seeing Luke Voit do insane things in the gym. When you've got guys benching with one arm and alternating mid set then you need to answer the bell. Just can't keep getting showed up time after time. 

What did Giancarlo come back with? Bench pressing a supermodel. Get ready for a 50 homer season boys and girls. Our boy has his confidence back. 

Adriana Lima is such an OG. What a goddess. Her and Giancarlo would be a mega couple. I'm not insinuating anything here, I'm just speaking in hypotheticals.