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Remember The Dude Who Tried To Slide Down the Railing At The Bills Game And Landed On A Guy? Well He’s Been Banned From Ralph Wilson Stadium And Just Got Fired From his Job



BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP)A football fan seen falling from the top deck of the Buffalo Bills’ stadium into the stands below has lost his job in advertising and public relations. Buffalo, N.Y., firm Eric Mower and Associates issued a statement Tuesday saying Rob Hopkins is no longer employed there. The Bills banned Hopkins from Ralph Wilson Stadium a day earlier. Erie County sheriff’s officials say he could face charges.Hopkins hasn’t responded to a phone message left at his home Tuesday.

Listen this guy is an asshole no doubt.  And yes I’d be so pissed if I was the dude who got landed on and needed to get rushed to the hospital.  So I have no problem with him being banned from Ralph Wilson Stadium for life. He deserves that. But he also got fired from work for this? Really? Like I feel like you don’t get fired for a DUI, but you get fired for this? I dunno. Doesn’t seem right. This guy made an idiot decision while shitfaced, but it certainly wasn’t malicious. He didn’t mean to fall of the railing and almost die. Getting fired just seems extreme.