Tom And Gisele's Ex Bodyguards Get 5 Years In Prison For Trying To Murder The Paparazzi At Their Wedding




Huffpo – Although it was one of the best days of their lives, Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady’s wedding wasn’t such a great day for their former bodyguards. Miguel Solis and Alexander Rivas were found guilty of attempted murder in Puntarenas, Costa Rica Friday (Nov. 15) for firing shots at photographers who were trying to sneak pictures of the power couple’s nuptials back in April 2009, according to Britain’s Sky News. The third man charged with the incident was acquitted when the verdict was rendered. Solis and Rivas will each face five years in jail and have been ordered to pay $10,000 each in restitution to the photographers. According to a police report, the bodyguards approached paparazzi during Bundchen and Brady’s wedding festivities four years ago, demanding they hand over their cameras’ memory cards. Authorities said a shot was fired at two photographers as they left, but neither was injured. The supermodel and the footballer claim they never heard shots, with Brady telling Sports Illustrated in 2009, “Absolute total b.s. We found two guys on our property, and we told them to get out. Our security guys didn’t even have guns. There were no shots fired.”

Hey if you’re gonna try to murder people there is no better family to do it for than the Bradys. Like yeah I know Tom didn’t personally order the code red (wink, wink) but that’s irrelevant. I guarantee you when you these two bodyguards get out of jail they’ll never have to work another day in their lives. Because when you prove you’re willing to kill for Tom and Gisele everything else takes care of itself. Seriously 5 years in the clink is a small price to pay to earn their loyalty.

PS – If these guys were trying to murder the paparazzi for wedding pictures I guess I should consider myself lucky they didn’t come after me for Bradygate

Double PS – I don’t care how many times I’ve seen it I leak a little precum everytime I see Tom’s blue jacket.  ELECTRIC.