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Big Time Players Make Big Time Shots, And This Sick Bastard Is The Biggest Of Them All

Are. You. Not. Entertained????

Very few people in the history of the world could crush dingers like Barry Bonds. Very few people in the history of the world could carve up a sheet of ice like Wayne Gretzky. Very few people in the history of the world could fly through the air and dunk a basketball like Michael Jordan. And very few people in the history of the world can make a ball dance out there like Nick Brett can at the World Indoor Bowls Championships. 

What a fucking snipe. 

Buddy had 6 inches to make that shot. 6 inches. I know that may seem like a lot to some of you (boom, roasted) but anything less than an absolutely perfect bowl here and he's not coming anywhere near that jack. Most bowlers would just pack up and go home if that's the only shot they had left to make. If that's the only play you're left with, why even bother? It's seemingly impossible. You'd need to be a machine to hit a shot that perfectly. Surely a human being isn't capable of anything like that. 

Good news for England is that Nick Brett is a machine. A total weapon out there just wreaking havoc on the laws of physics. And I love how coy this mother fucker was before drilling that shot. 

Acting all humble and shit as if he didn't know he was about to blow everybody's brain into a million pieces with that snipe. My guy over here has some massive stones and I'm not just talking about the bowls. We're witnessing a wizard mastering his craft here, folks. And I can only imagine the amount of bowling tail this legend was swimming in after this shot. I just hope he didn't drown. 

Sidenote: Blackball is a quality movie if you're a little hungover on a Sunday morning and just looking for something to throw on after getting your mind right with the pen.