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Broussard Playing Fantasy Sports Out Loud Again Says The Rockets Could Do A Sign And Trade With Carmelo And Harden That Clears Enough Space For Lebron To Join Houston

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Real GM – In a radio appearance, Chris Broussard reported that the Houston Rockets and New York Knicks could agree upon a sign-and-trade of Carmelo Anthony for James Harden. The Rockets could then sign LeBron James with anticipated cap space created by trading away Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin in order to form a Big 3 with Anthony and Dwight Howard. James and Anthony have reported interest in playing together. Harden was a first-team All-NBA selection, but there have been questions on whether his game fits with Howard.

Chris Broussard up to all his tricks again. As is the rest of the entire industry. My favorite today is how the Heat are trying to move up to get Shabazz Napier because that will get Lebron to stay. A guy Lebron had probably never heard of 6 months ago is now going to decide his free agency future. Every analyst in the game just saying shit to get their articles and columns and tweets and appearances recognized.

Broussard might actually be the worst though. I literally think he actually fabricates stuff from thin air. Like Manish Mehta and his “sources” with the Jets. Straight up made up shit. All you gotta do is say “sources” or “people close to the situation” and toss in the word “could” and you’re fine. Like yes, I suppose there is a scenario where the Rockets “could” trade Harden for Melo and “could” dump Lin and Asik and “could” have enough money to sign Lebron but its probably not something thats ever going to happen. Its like a half step above a WFAN caller proposing trades to Francesa. Its all ESPN Trade Generators and Fantasy Sports proposals come to life except actual, established analysts and writers help perpetuate them. I understand in this situation these radio interviews always have a level of hypotheticals and what if scenarios but they give legs to such ridiculous shit even discussing these possibilities.

Now as a top 5 sports writer in America here’s my take – ain’t no fuckin way Melo and Lebron end up in Houston together.

Top 5 sports writer, OUT!

PS – Obligatory picture of Dave Chappelle’s Chuck Taylor any time a Chris Broussard blog is written:

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