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It Took Zion Williamson Precisely Three Quarters To Figure Out How To Dominate The NBA

17 straight points. Scored or assisted on 23 straight for the Pelicans in the fourth quarter. Hit more threes in a quarter than Ben Simmons has ever considered in taking in his life. And, most importantly, gave the entire NBA a shot in the fucking arm. For a season that's been sorta slogging along with no true dominant team, ratings down across the board, no reigning dynasty, Steph and Durant out, no one fully believing in the Milwaukee Bucks, this just woke everyone up. It took him three quarters and then that's was a wrap. I'm not saying Zion should start in the All Star Game but I am saying he is now my MVP frontrunner for this season and every season after this. That was electric. I'm sweating like him in the fist quarter when all Mark Jackson and Twitter could talk about was his weight. I'm very here for Zion and Jokic picking up the Big Man baton Charles Barkley left on the ground many moons ago and ushering in the next chapter of the NBA. 

And with that fourth quarter, the Pelicans just became the most electric ticket in the NBA. When's the next Mavs-'Cans game because that's going to feel like Game 7 of the Finals.