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World Cup Open Bar At Saloon Starts Tomorrow At 10am



Because there are no rules at Saloon and they don’t care about making money. $50 open bar if you want to start at 10am, $40 open bar if you want to start at 11am, $30 open bar if you want to start when the game kicks off. SIGN UP HERE and whatever time you arrive or want to start the unlimited booze is up to you.

I have absolutely no idea what to expect. Are we playing for a tie? Are we playing for the win? Is Klinsman secretly trying to sabotage us? Does Germany harbor any ill will against us from World War II? These are all mysteries that we will have to watch as they unfold on the pitch. But the only thing I do know for sure is that Saloon will probably be offering the best open bar in America for this game. It basically always breaks down to 10 bucks per hour to drink at Saloon. So if you’re drinking more than 1 beer every 60 minutes you’re coming out ahead. On Sunday for the Portugal game there was a kid who ate an entire sampler platter by himself and was caught in the bathroom intentionally making himself throw up. The manager Tommy asked him what the fuck he was doing and the kid said he needed more room for booze. Thats what Saloon is all about. Thats what America is all about. Sampler Platters and Free Booze. Thats what the World Cup means to me.

3 open bar packages: 10am – end of game: $50. 11am – end of game, $40. 12pm – end of game, $30.

**Open bar is NOT mandatory. If you want to just take off for your lunch break and not get shitfaced you can just order drinks as you go**

Fireball shot specials will be announced throughout the game

Tables first come first serve

$11 bar food sampler platter with wings, fingers, sticks, and spring rolls. 

Saloon 84th and York