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100 Thieves Showed Off Their New Gazillion Dollar HQ Today And It Only Looks Like The Coolest Place On Earth

[Editor’s Note: This is another guest blog from prospective Gaming blogger, @UnfilteredNerd, who knows his stuff and then some. Go and give him a follow.]

VB – 100 Thieves has opened its $35 MILLION esports training compound and headquarters in Los Angeles as the team strives to be competitive in the long-term battle to retain the best players. The company is dedicating the 15,000-square foot 100 Thieves Cash App Compound as a place where four of its big esports teams can train and its business employees can run their operations. It also includes a retail store for team fans and a content creation office for social media staff.

This place is so badass. I know some of you are going to look at this million-dollar compound and say “what a waste of money for a bunch of kids who sit around playing video games all day”. And to those people, I say this: grow the fuck up and look around you. The team at 100 Thieves have worked their asses off over the last decade to create a globally recognized brand and they absolutely 100% have earned this building. As video games and eSports continue to grow into one of the biggest entertainment markets in the world, places like this are going to start popping up all over the world. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if FaZe is the next one to invest in a big gaming complex like this. I’m happy for them and I cannot wait to see what (friend of the program) Nadeshot, Courage, Valkyrae and all the other members of the 100 Thieves do with this new gaming facility.

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