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The President Of Turkmenistan Is Such A Monster That He Made Putin Seem Like A Great Guy

Bro, is that the first puppy you have ever seen? What in the fuck is going on here? Putin gives this guy a puppy as a gift(I think) and his first reaction on how to pick it up is to hold him up by the scruff of his neck? YOU DON’T DO THAT! It is hard, in 2020, to make Putin look human. Damn near impossible to make him look like a good guy, you know with all the seizing permanent power of the government, murdering journalists and the opposition, being corrupt, and interfering with elections, but that is exactly what this guy did. Unbelievable. Look at Putin’s face

putin puppy

(what in the fuck? I have killed for less–Vlad Putin)

The whole interaction lasted literally 5 seconds before Putin felt compelled to intercede and save the puppy

putin puppy 2

Rescue and a quick boop kiss. Gift recinded. Puppy is safe. This makes me think that we should really rethink our entire foreign policy agenda. Just get all the countries together in the U.N. and the ones who handle puppies with love and care are our allies. Any problems or disagreements we might have can be resolved as long as there is a puppy in the room and we can agree on how to care for it. The countries who fail the puppy test, well they’re sanctioned and possibly nuked depending on who is President. You’re with the puppies or you’re against them.

PS: I wouldn’t totally put it passed Putin to have set this up. Like he knew this crazy guy from Turkmenistan would treat the dog and he knew he could score points by being normal. He’s always one step ahead. Easiest way to score points is with puppies. Doesn’t matter if you’re trying to pick up girls or win over the court of international public opinion. Puppies are the key to everything.

george pic