John Turturro Wants To Make A Jesus Quintana Big Lebowski Spin Off

Film Divider - The Coen Bros. have never made a sequel to any of their films, though they did just let Noah Hawley do just that with the Fargo TV series. Back in 2011, Tara Reid told some tall tale about a Big Lebowski 2 being in the works but she seems to have been either pulling our legs or as boiled as an owl. Or both. But seemingly straight and honest is John Turturro, who has told an audience at the Taormina Film Festival that he’d like to make a new film with his Lebowski character, the infamous pederast, Jesus Quintana. The Hollywood Reporter relayed just this one part of Turtorro’s comment on their piece from the fest: If I can get the permission I need, I’d like to return to that role. It’s believed that Turturro would like to make the film in 2015, and presumably direct himself. At this late stage, and with even a loose shoot date in mind, it’s likely that Turturro has spoken to at least Joel and Ethan Coen about this project. Perhaps it’s not their permission he needs, but the rights holders to the film, maybe production company Working Title.

We’ve been teased before about a Big Lebowski sequel. Nothing ever legitimate though, and to be honest the vibe you get from Big Lebowski fans is that they wouldn’t even want one. They don’t want to see one of the funniest movies ever ruined by a shitty sequel. Although personally, I don’t really subscribe to that. If Big Lebowski 2 sucked it would just fade away and wouldn’t impact Big Lebowski 1 at all. Like Dumb and Dumberer. Like Jordan on the Wizards. A shitty reboot doesnt actually impact the original the way people always fear it will.

But I can see where some purists just want to see a classic left alone. Don’t mess with a good thing, if ain’t broke don’t fix it sorta stuff. A spin off is a good way to kinda compromise though. Get a little taste of the original without ruining its reputation or whatever. Its why Better Call Saul is gonna work with Breaking Bad fans. We’re not fucking with Walter White’s saga. Not changing anything that was done by Cranston and Gilligan. But you get your fix in the form of a light hearted spin off that can sort of scratch that itch you’ve had since the series ended.

And there’s no better ancillary character to get a spin off than Jesus Quintana. Can you imagine getting the back story on him as a perderass? Going door to door explaining he used to show his dick to 8 year olds? Watching him learn to roll? I’d watch a 2 hour movie about Jesus Quintana so fast it would make your head spin. Actually it would still take about 2 hours but I’d love to watch it.