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Chris Christie Crushed The Hot Corner At Boomer And Carton's Charity Softball Game

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NJ.com – It wasn’t quite a “Tonight” Show dance, but Gov. Chris Christie was pretty nimble on the Yankee Stadium turf at a charity softball game today. Clad in blue team jersey and orange shorts — resembling the colors of his New York Mets — Christie said he felt good after playing nine innings for Team Boomer, named for sports radio personality Boomer Esiason, his teammate for a day. Team Boomer defeated the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team and New York Yankee alumni, 7-6. in the fourth annual Bombers Boomer Broadway Softball Classic. “We won, so it went just fine,” said Christie, after playing third base and donning a number 55 jersey — selected because he’s New Jersey’s 55th governor. Christie and other celebrities took to the field to help raise money for wounded warriors and the Boomer Esiason Foundation that supports fighting cystic fibrosis. “The great thing about this governor is that he is not a phony. He’s everything that I think you’d want a politician to be — just be yourself,” Esiason said. “And he is himself, not many politicians would go out there on third base and put himself in the line of fire like that and that just tells me everything that I need to know about the man.”

Was that Brooks Robinson out there at third??? Was that Bartolo Colon out there in the box??? Governor Christie just tearing up the diamond to help out the Wounded Warriors and Boomer and his son Gunnar’s continued fight against CF. Did he go 4-4 with a couple dingers? No, not quite. Is he winning the Gold Glove at third? Probably not. But he did register a force out once and he didn’t drop a lazy pop up that almost cost them the game (I see you, Craigy.)

Governor Christie said he had 3 goals coming into this game – 1) Dont lose the game 2) Dont embarrass himself and 3) Dont get hurt. I usually have the same goals heading into Barstool challenges except all three of these things always happen. Chris accomplished all three of those things so you gotta tip your cap to the Governor. I mean he ain’t winning any awards for lookin sexy out there yesterday, but then again when you’re sharing a field with Al Dukes in his Yeah Jeets T, who is?

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Only so much sexy to go around one baseball diamond and Al Hughes is using up all of it. Ladies, you can find Al on twitter here @Alsboringtweets

Full interview with Governor Christie on Boomer and Carton recapping his performance: