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The Florence Y'alls (Named After A Water Tower) Is The Best Minor League Baseball Team Name In The History Of Team Names

This is exactly what I'm talking about. The Florence Freedom are now the Florence Y'alls and it's absolutely perfect. I wouldn't want another name for a local minor league team. Why change it to something like the Florence Wildcats or Florence Knights? That shit is overplayed. Give me this. Give me the Florence Y'alls all because of a water tower. 

There's nothing more iconic in the Northern Kentucky area than this water tower sign, which was originally the Florence Mall sign. But then because of legal reasons they changed the M to a Y and this was born. It's iconic. You ask anyone in the Cincinnati to Lexington area and they'll tell you all about Florence Y'all. If you're driving back north to Cincinnati, you know that you're close but still like 30 minutes away and sitting in traffic forever. 

And that's why I'm obsessed with this team name. Florence Freedom was a strong name. But, Florence Y'alls just skyrocketed to the top of my list. Just off the top of my head my ten favorite minor league team names: 

10. Fort Myers Mighty Mussels

9. Augusta GreenJackets

8. Hartford Yard Goats

7. Daytona Tortugas

6. Lansing Lugnuts

5. Toledo Mud Hens

4. Rocket City Trash Pandas

3. Richmond Flying Squirrels 

2. Montgomery Biscuits

1. Florence Y'alls

Yes, I know the Y'alls aren't technically a 'minor league team' in the sense that they are affiliated, but they are a minor league team so we're counting it. This was the toughest list I ever had to come up with too. There are a million great minor league baseball names. No one markets better than minor league baseball teams. You have the names, you have all the different crazy uniforms and nights. It's the best.