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Coco Gauff Is Very Excited To Almost Be Able To Drive To Chick-Fil-A By Herself

Here's just a quick list of things that Coco Gauff has been able to do so far in her life: 

1) Play and advance to the 4th round at Wimbledon

2) Play and advance to the 3rd round at the US Open

Now here's an even quicker list of things that Coco Gauff is still not able to do so far in her life: 

1) Hop in the car and drive to Chick-Fil-A to order a spicy chicken sandwich meal with an extra order of fries for the car ride home (veteran move) without having to bring one of her parents along. 

I've always thought that if you're someone who achieves a ridiculous amount of success at an early age, you should just be allowed to do shit way earlier than everybody else. Like if you're beating Venus Williams and Wimbledon and then losing to the eventual champion at the age of 15, you should just be allowed to get your drivers license already. The same way when guys enter the NHL at 18 or 19-years-old. Imagine winning the Stanley Cup as a rookie and "technically" you wouldn't be permitted by the law to gas a billion beers with the boys afterwards? Basically all I'm saying is that your age should really be determined by your success. There are 15-year-olds out there in the world like Coco Gauff who should be treated as if they're 30. And on the other hand, there are also 30-year-olds out there who should be treated like they're still 15. 

Just something to think about. But in the meantime, I guess this makes me feel a little better with the way my life has gone. I mean, sure, Coco Gauff may have achieved more in just 15 years than I could ever imagine athletically. But guess who can hit "publish" on this blog and then immediately drive myself over to CFA without having to beg one of my parents to come along for the ride? Wimbledon appearances may come and go, but waffle fries dipped in Polynesian sauce are forever. 

By the way--Coco turns 16 in March. So you only have a little less than 2 months left to relish this moment of almost having a better life than a teenager.