Win And You're In At Saloon Today

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Today might be my favorite day in the past 5 years. A Summer Sunday open bar with a chance for America to basically face fuck the entire rest of the planet. Oh we’re in the Group Of Death? Germany is number 2 in the world and Portugal is number 4?  Oh we’ll never advance? Nah, I’ll just beat him now. Win against Portugal and we’re on to the knockout round. Its as simple as that. I could give you all the scenarios how this group will play out if we tie or lose but fuck that. Ain’t happenin.

As always we’ll be getting absolutely shitfaced in the name of America today at Saloon. $30 open bar for the duration of the match. From kick off to final whistle, 30 bucks all you can drink including premium liquor, all beer, and wine for the ladies and/or dudes who are completely secure with their masculinity and wanna drink some vino at the bar on a soccer Sunday. No shame in that game, I suppose.

$30 all you can drink for duration of the match

Fireball shot specials will be announced throughout the game

Tables first come first serve

$11 bar food sampler platter with wings, fingers, sticks, and spring rolls. 

Saloon 84th and York