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Reader Email - I Lost My Sex Tape With My Ex-Boyfriend, How Do I Get It Back?

(58:08 is when this discussion starts)


Need some advice. Updated my MacBook and lost everything..including some great sex videos my ex and I made. We broke up over a year ago but are still pretty friendly and he said he would come over and bring his hard drive because he can’t send them via phone. I’ve been seeing a guy for a bit and I feel like he would absolutely not approve but I don’t think it’s a big deal..like topless photos of an ex. What’s your opinion from both perspectives?

Female Stoolie

So if you listen to MailTime you already heard my thoughts on this, but it was too preposterous of a situation to not bring up on the blog. This is coming off the heels of last week’s question from the female Stoolie who asked if you could have any song play every time you busted a nut during a blow job, what would it be? These are the sorta things my female listeners are thinking about all day.

My three main points/questions here are:

1) How good could this sex tape possibly be? Like is this chick really going back to the well and watching her own sex tape frequently enough that its this concerning she lost it? I feel like making a sex tape is really just about doing it in the moment, maybe going back to it once or twice, but how much shelf life does your own porno really have? I guess it matters how well the performance is. I can barely take a still photograph that I like and want to look at, let alone watch myself fuck and get off on it.

2) The ex-boyfriend wanting to “bring his hard drive over” is just quality game. His eyes are as wide as dinner plates right now thinking he’s going to get to fuck this girl and possibly make another tape with her again.

3) The fact that any chick out there would even consider it remotely acceptable to ask their current boyfriend if she can have her ex boyfriend bring over their old sex tape says everything you need to know about some chicks. Thats absolutely the most disrespectful thing I could even imagine. I’d rather you go fuck your ex boyfriend than look me in the face and think I’m such a cuckold that I’d allow you to go get your sex tape of another dick fucking your pussy.