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Stadium In Germany Turned Into Gigantic Outdoor Living Room With 750 Couches And 700 Inch TV For World Cup


Twisted SifterFor the duration of this year’s World Cup, Berlin’s Stadion An der Alten Forsterei (home to FC Union Berlin) will be transformed into a gigantic living room. The field will be outfitted with 750 couches (brought in by fans), complete with side tables and lamps for each along with a massive 700? TV surrounded by cheesy wallpaper. Admission is free and the giant living room, known as WM Wohnzimmer will offer a capacity up to 12,000 people. Couch seats are assigned by application/lottery and you can sign up here. Organizers will also cover every couch in the event of rain. Can you think of a better atmosphere to watch matches? It should be quite the scene when Germany plays.

Now this is the kind of stadium experience I can get down with. For the most I’m more of a watch from home or watch from the bar kinda guy. Like I’m either gonna be in the comfort of my own home with food and the couch and the bathroom at my finger tips or I’m gonna be at the bar partying and drinking. Not much of a live fan sort of guy. Sure, there are some moments that just can’t be replicated when you’re live in the stadium, but for the most part I don’t wanna buy a ticket, travel to the stadium, sit in a shitty seat and spend lots of money on booze and food.

But give me a comfortable couch and a 700 inch TV where I can get the watch-from-home experience all while being surrounded by my fellow fans? Thats a hybrid I can definitely get down with. Best of both worlds. Can lounge with your hand down your pants and then high five a stranger when you score with your stink palm. You’re probably getting his too so its all good. Just like being at home but with a couple thousand strangers.