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Chick Writes A Book On Who Is Having The Most Sex In America


Page Six – Anka Radakovich has figured out who is having the most sex today in America. “After porn stars — who don’t count, because they are working — it’s married swingers, followed by married cheaters who have sex with other married cheaters,” the author of the new “The Wild Girls Club, Part 2: Tales From New York to Hollywood” told me. Radakovich penned her first book, “The Wild Girls Club: Tales From Below the Belt,” 20 years ago and followed it with “Sexplorations: Journeys to the Erogenous Frontier.” “My first book was about my sexual experiences, but there is so much crazy stuff these days, I can’t compete,” she said from the Chateau Marmont. “I’m writing about other people’s sex lives.” While in LA, she’ll make her ninth appearance on Conan O’Brien’s show.

First of all, number 2 on the list should have just read “John Manziel.” I think she just missed the amount of pussy that JFF has been taking down the past few years. I understand she was studying different groups and sects of people, not just individuals. But I think Johnny Football probably takes down the number 2 spot, and if we’re being honest he might challenge porn stars for the top spot.

But thats what brings me to my next point, I am shocked that college kids aren’t number 2 on the list. How can they possibly not be? At any given moment across hundreds of campuses there are people fucking. I suppose married swingers are just complete fucking nymphos. Makes sense that they just can’t get enough dick and/or pussy. They’re like barely a step above porn stars. Only difference is that theres no camera rolling. Most likely, at least. But married cheaters beating out college kids is crazy to me. I guess cheating is going on 24/7 too but I still can’t believe that old people are fucking more than college kids. Big time colleges with slutty sorority chicks is essentially a real life Girls Do Porn shoot. Can’t believe they don’t even take the Bronze Medal in this study.