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Wednesday Afternoon MailTime: World Cup Fever

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Big day for anyone out there looking to mail it in. We got an 80 minute episode for you to keep your lunch break running basically the rest of the afternoon. Todays episode we discuss World Cup fever, how fucking lucky college students and teachers are during the summer, the 4 most ridiculous hook up stories I’ve heard all year, and touched upon all the big sports stories during One Minute Man. Highlight of the show comes from a female Stoolie who emailed me regarding the sex tapes she made with her ex. She had to reset her Macbook and in the process lost her sex video with her ex and wants to know the best way about reacquiring it. Genuinely ridiculous situation this chick finds herself in.

In addition to this 1 hour 20 min episode, we’ve got a premium episode for KFC Radio subscribers. Road Trip Edition. Besides Cube Monkeys stuck at their desk, the next largest sect of MailTime listeners, by far, are the people in their cars. Whether they’re commuting, out of sales trips, or road tripping long distance with their buddies, they’re dialed into the podcast. So I figured they deserved their own episode. If you’re already a premium member, you can listen on the app or listen on your computer here.

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