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Mayor Delbasio Owns Up to His Stanley Cup Bet, Sings On Jimmy Kimmel

How about Mayor Deblasio! Maybe the most tone deaf spaz on the planet, but he made good on his bet to the city of LA and he actually cracked a pretty funny joke that he was holding all those kids hostage. I’ll tell you who the real tool is here, and thats the Mayor of LA. You see that slug declining the free Papaya Dog? Talking about how its a steaming pile of New York garbage? Get the fuck out of my face bro. Stick to rice cakes with your Governor, pal. Papaya dogs are the most delicious hot dogs on God’s Green Earth and anyone who declines a free one and then speaks ill of them is a Grade A asshole in my mind. Just a friendly wager here with people exchanging city specialities and Eric Garcetti can’t put aside his raging Los Angeles inferiority complex for one second and enjoy a delicious dog.