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We Got A MASSIVE Brawl In The Kansas/Kansas State Game With A KU Player Using A Goddamn CHAIR As A Weapon

Holy shit. This is a full on brawl in the Kansas/Kansas State game. I mean there's a million things going on here, but the big one is Silvio de Sousa using a fucking chair as a weapon before a coach strips him. I know de Sousa has allegedly been caught up being paid to play Kansas but he seems to have forgotten that it's not an extreme rules fight. I really want to know what was going to happen if that chair connected. That's a year long suspension right? Just an unreal fight and an actual brawl. Props to the coach for really being the hero here snagging the chair. 

How about the cheerleaders showing up here too? We got male cheerleaders holding people back while what I assume is a coach screaming stop. Big time performance getting overlooked by the chair and coach.