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Wake Up With Randy Johnson Scaring The Absolute Shit Out Of Hall Of Famer, Larry Walker

First off, congrats to Larry Walker, and the not unanimous Derek Jeter on the trip to Cooperstown. A lot of the readers are too young to remember Larry Walker but the guy was an absolute stud. A lot of people think the numbers are skewed because he played 81 games a season in Coors Field, but it didn’t matter where he played, Walker could hit. Everyone remembers the video above with Walker and Randy Johnson. Earlier in the season Johnson lost control of a pitch that went over the head of Walker, no big deal. Well it happened again in the All Star game, but this one was taken a little lighter. Walker ducks out of the way, takes his helmet off, puts it on backwards, and moves over to the other batters box and bats righty. He isn’t taking any chances at a lefty vs Randy. Everyone got a laugh out of it, and I’m sure Walker pissed himself when he saw that ball coming for his head again. Congrats to the much deserved Larry Walker, and I guess Jeter too.