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Yankees News And Notes


I have been gone for a week so I figured I would just run through a bunch of Yankee stuff at once. If you have any questions or tips email BarstoolJJ@gmail.com and I will try to include it in posts. I also accept free tickets or merchandise. Let’s dive in…

– The Yankees looked like a good baseball team for a bit there. With a sweep in Seattle and some actual offense overall on this trip, we didn’t have reason to be totally ashamed of this team. We now sit 4.5 back in the East with Toronto and Baltimore coming to town, so we can control out own destiny a bit.

– Speaking of scoring runs, we scored 5 runs yesterday but Vidal Nuno was throwing pitches in underhand on his way to 8 earned over 3 innings. With those stats I would like to congratulate Nuno for being the first person in 2014 I need to “Get The Fuck Off My Team”. No seriously, he can’t start for the Yankees anymore. He doesn’t even think he can win when he starts, let alone anyone else.

– Pineda is out until August. At this point we can’t really hang to much on him in terms of hopes of him changing our season, because his track record is more injuries than success. If he comes back and is productive, that’s great. But we can’t hang too much hope on him and I hear the Yankees are debating just letting him go if he can’t be productive in a stretch run.

– CC won’t be back until after the break. I think everyone hoped it would be before the break but if he needs more time to get healthy,  this could be better in the long run. Hopefully with a recovering knee, he was able to stay off of it and get fat for a bit, and if not, everyone here at Barstool can give him a few tips.

– The Yankees signed Heath Bell. A bunch of people freaked out over this, but unless he has some dramatic turn around that has literally never happened ever before, Bell won’t sniff the Major League roster. Total non issue, unless he wants to take Nuno’s spot in the rotation having never started a game in his career. That’s where I am with Nuno.

– The A’s got Jeter a wine tour as a gift. Yes, rich people love wine and wine tours but a gift that involves Jeter leaving his compound in Tampa, and especially if it involves him not being inside a model, is a total fucking waste. I know it’s all free shit given for publicity but it’s a dumb gift.

– Saturday with the Orioles in town, myself, Charlie and a bunch of Stoolies will be at Stan’s before and after the game. If you don’t have tickets you should get some because after that Rangers choke job, the Yankees are the only show in town.