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Man On A Plane Screaming Muslim Prayers At The Top Of His Lungs

Listen I’m not a prejudice guy. I mean, yes, I absolutely am, but for the most part in real life I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and put that aside. But if I’m on a plane and I got a guy screaming “Akbar Allah” you better believe I’m flipping the fuck out. I hate to be that guy but thats just an honest fact. Muslim prayers at like 200 decibels on an airplane = me shitting my pants. Maybe one day these stereotypes will subside, but not yet, folks. Not in my book. I’m still terrified if thats happening on my flight. Emergency landing, ASAP, pilot. Thank you very much.

Not to mention this guy is just a total fucking dick. All terrorism fears aside, how about you do your Mecca prayers with an inside voice huh? Unplug your ears and just stop screaming at the top of your lungs bro. You’re like some Hipster Muslim. All “look at me! look at me!” I have to say my prayers no matter where I am! Listen to me! Pipe down bro I’m trying to sleep on this flight.