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Dude Sues Hospital After Surgery On His Broken Penis Shortens It By An Inch

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Huff PoA Canadian man is suing a Montreal-area hospital for negligence after he said surgery on his penis ended up shortening it and preventing him from having sex, thus ruining his marriage. The man, who is a paraplegic, injured his penis while having sex with his wife in July 2011, according to the lawsuit. Following the injury, the man saw a nurse at the hospital, which is in the suburb of Le Gardeur. The suit claims that the nurse looked at but did not physically examine the man’s penis, which led an off-site doctor to misdiagnose it as minor trauma. It was only weeks later that it was discovered that the man had in fact fractured his penis. “This has caused a greater impact on my life than when I lost the use of my legs,” the man told Canada’s QMI Agency, who withheld his name. He underwent surgery to correct the injury, which the suit claims left permanent scarring and reduced his penis “about an inch” in length. The plaintiff says that he was left unable to have sex for two years, which caused his wife to leave him.

My two main takeaways from this 1) Depresses the shit out of me that this paraplegic is getting true blue dick wrecking sex. Not saying that I want to have a fractured penis but I’m saying I want to be in a position where I could have a fractured penis. Here I am, full use of all my limbs, and I ain’t breaking my dick in the sack. Meanwhile this Canadian is just laying back letting his chick rid his dick into oblivion. Never thought I’d be jealous of a paraplegic with a broken dick, but here we are.

2) Saying your dick breaking is a greater impact than the loss of your legs is a bold, bold statement. Obviously he’s the one who gets to make that call. Anybody with non-broken dicks and legs can’t tell you whats worse. But its just a pretty striking comment to hear that a busted cock is more debilitating than not having use of your legs. Off the top of my head I’d think the other 99% of your life where your legs are disabled is a worse burden but I guess when you break your dick and lose an inch you have a different perspective on things. Who cares about walking when you’ve gotta a small broken pecker?