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We're Giving A Free Keg Of Bud Heavy To The Person Who Dresses The Most Patriotic At Monday's World Cup Watch Party

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I know I just mentioned this promo in my last blog, but it seems that Stoolies on twitter really, really like the idea so I figured it deserves its own post. Its just as American as it gets. Free keg of Bud Heavy for the person with the most American outfit on the bar Monday night. You can pick it up and use it for a party of your own or you can come in to Saloon on another night with your friends and drink for free until the keg is kicked.

Its just an incredible promo from the guys over at Saloon. People always ask my why I keep going back there for all these watch parties and this is the answer. They give Stoolies the best, cheapest open bar deals. They give away tickets to big games. They do fun promos like this. And there are absolutely no rules when you’re there. Its owned and run by Stoolies and they know exactly what you guys want. It might be a little bit of a pain in the ass for anybody who lives way downtown or on the west side, but shit like this makes up for it. They just took Monday night’s game to the next level with this competition. I really don’t even care so much about the beer as I do about being crowned the Most American Stoolie at the Bar. Get your costumes ready, fellas.