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Who Fell On Their Face In LA Worse Last Night...This Chick Or The Rangers?

Lights out for this chick. She popped right back up but theres no way she remembers any of this. 100% has a concussion.

So lets talk about Lundqvist. Last night I was blacked on twitter just stirring the pot like I usually do and I had the Rangers fans fucking dancing. Like puppets on the string of my tennis shoe. Because let me tell you what – it pisses me off that Lundqvist is getting a free pass. I understand he played incredible. I know he had 48 saves last night. I know he faced a billion shots. I know he played his dick off this series. But the bottom line is he gave up 15 goals in 5 games and his team barely avoided getting swept. You know how often other athletes in this town get absolutely roasted for coming up short like that? No matter how unreasonable it might be? Carmelo put the Knicks on his back a couple years ago. Played out of this stratosphere all season and carried a team that was dogshit. When they lost in the playoffs he gets crucified. Arod for years just mashed the ball and every Yankees fan in town called for his head every time they didn’t win a World Series. There are plenty of times in New York a star player gets unfair criticism strictly because he’s the cornerstone of the team and they didn’t get the job done. But nothing for Lundqvist. Just a pat on the back and excuses galore about the defense in front of him and the offense being unable to score.

I guess this is actually a testament to Rangers fans. In a town where people, myself included, are usually completely irrational about sports, they are keeping pretty level headed. Its just blatantly apparent that in New York we pick and choose who gets the blame and who doesn’t. Henrik is a fucking stud and a really likable guy so the rhetoric is “Henrik did everything he could.” The way I see it the Rangers had a lot of leads in this series that they couldn’t hold on to. Why that ultimately doesn’t fall on Hank’s shoulders just confuses me.

PS – Seriously try to comprehend what I’m saying here before you just say “KFC you don’t know anything about hockey.” This isn’t about the sport of hockey. This is about the way this town hands out blame or gives out excuses. Yes Hank played well – but he’s getting a free pass that other players, who also played well, didn’t get.