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Fellas, We Dabbin' Soy Sauce On Our Ballbags To See If We Can Taste It Now?

I'm glad someone is finally bringing this skill, nay, this gift us fellas have to light. I think we've all just been enjoying it in silence for fear of seeming like a freak. 

Because real talk - you fellas know how it is.. You get home from a lonnnnng day on the ranch, strip down to your tighty whites 'n yank yer ballbag out from the side so that it looks like a blob of dough squeezing out of a freshly cracked biscuit tube. You're starving so you plop some Chef B into the microwave & get it *just* warm enough, then you place it on the table and git up on your tippie toes so you can slowly, gently lower your ballbag down onto the eager noodles.... Ahh.. they settle in like two baby chicks in a nest full of plump worms and..

... Ohhh fuck... there it isssssssssSSSSS

The taste of savory sauce explodes all over your mouth, the delicate meatballs caress your own as the sensation of quality pork dances across your tongue.. and it's all without any of the calories! Just flavor straight from your nuts to your mouth-hole. You smack your lips & say, "Is that oregano I'm picking up on? The Chef done it again, 'ol boy...," as you reach down to pet your dog, Scoobo. 

Anyways... what the hell am I talking about and why?

Long story short, an old article about mice having taste receptors on their balls has resurfaced and gone viral again, so people are taking to TikTok to test the theory out on humankind. Cue 'Tokker' Alex James "putting soy sauce on his balls" in a car & freaking out because he can taste it. 

Though I know better that it's not true, there was still a little part eating away at me... 

Like... is there some truth to it? Ballbags are a big old fuzzy mess of dangly mystery so my curiosity was buzzing... Seeing as I'm a big J journo, today I took some time & tested it out for myself with Pink Whitney. The results were STARTLING.

Anyways, it worked for Alex and it worked for me, so take some time tonight to rub your favorite food or drink on your balls and let me know how it goes. Happy experimenting!