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The 2020 NFL Draft Stage Will Be IN The Bellagio Fountains, With Drafted Players Getting To The Stage Via Boat

I’ll tell you what, the NFL in Vegas is going to be the best thing to ever happen to us. From the stadium looking like the Death Star

To apparently the Black Hole making the trip for the 8 home games


CBS Sports - Raiders team president Marc Badain announced the “Black Hole,” the enthusiastic part of Raider Nation that stood in the south end zone in Oakland, will be coming to Vegas. This development is based off ticket sales.

“A lot of the folks that sit in the Black Hole in Oakland bought tickets in the south end zone at Allegiant [Raiders new stadium in Las Vegas],” Badain said, via Mick Akers of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “Whether that happens organically, we’ll see what happens.”

Everything in Vegas is just going to be bigger and better, more electric and larger than life.

I mean for Pete’s sake, they are shutting down the Strip for 3 days (!!!) for the NFL Draft. That’s unheard of.

Vegas is slowly but surely becoming a big time sports town. First the Vegas Knights took the sports world by storm, then they started having more events out there, now the Raiders are moving there, and an MLB team might not be far behind- there are rumors the land where the RIO now sits could eventually become the home for a baseball stadium.

Add in Vegas being the sports betting capital of the world and sign me up to move out to the Vegas office ASAP. Boy would that be awesome. Barstool in Vegas. A boy can dream.