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Bachelor Pete Gives A Rose To Mykenna Over Alayah AND THE CROWD GOES WILD

I cannot tell you how happy that video makes me. It’s just guys being dudes watching The Bachelor. Mondays are for The Bachelor. Boy have we come a long way from The Bachelor being something that only women watch. Not anymore. In terms of Twitter engagement, The Bachelor is by far the thing that moves the needle the most in my world.  The bottom line is it’s 2020 and The Bachelor is for the girls and the boys. Whoever wants to watch the greatest show on television is more than welcome to join in. The water’s warm and full of drama.

As a fellow man who watches The Bachelor, that riotous reaction to Pete picking Mykenna over Alayah was more than warranted. I had the same reaction in my own apartment when it happened. Last night was Alayah’s coming out party as this season’s villain. She’s a fake pageant girl who puts on one face for Peter and another face for the girls in the house shake my head. All the other girls in the house (starting with Sydney) snitched on Alayah to Pete about her fraudulent ways but for some reason Pete was still thinking about keeping Alayah and therefore sending Mykenna home. It would’ve been a tragedy but luckily Pete made the right call and sent that college apartment into a frenzy. God damn it I love this show.