Lane Kiffin Lands Late Addition to the 2020 All-Name Team in Jadeveon Clowney's Cousin Demon

The Lane Train is on the move in Oxford and just landed a great addition to this year's All-Name Team.

This is an all-around slam dunk. Obviously everyone is after a player in the Top 150 of the 247Sports Composite. But then you add in the fact that it's a blood relative of Jadeveon Clowney and his name is Demon and you have a certified winner.

Yep, you'll take that. Clowney moves Ole Miss right outside the Top 30 in the 2020 team rankings, but Kiffin definitely isn't done yet. He's got another couple weeks to get more four-stars like Clowney.

I'm just excited Lane Kiffin is back at a big-time program. Ole Miss is going to get back to its roots of cheating its ass off and probably winning a lot of football games and it's going to be incredibly entertaining to watch.