Angry Mario Is Downright Hilarious

“If you wanna fight someone, go find my fuckin retard brother!”

“The pipes, the pits, the motherfucking beanstalks! There shouldn’t be any goddam high places!”

“Making me smash my skull on a fuckin block just to get a fucking mushroom. Just leave em on the fucking ground!”

This is a year old so some of you may have seen this. I never had until today. I was in fucking tears watching this. 30 years of Mario’s frustration finally all coming out on Peach, Bowser and Toads. The video lingers on too long and gets ridiculous when Mario is threatening Peach with anal and Sonic is talking about blowing loads and Mario being a cuckold, but the first two bits with Bowser and Toad are fucking hilarious. Anybody who grew up on Mario and Sonic will love this shit.

Shout out to Migs for the video