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Happy 80th Birthday To One Of The Top 2 Golfers Of All Time

The Memorial Tournament presented by Morgan Stanley - Final Round

Happy birthday, Mr. Nicklaus! Hats off to one of the ALL TIME top 2 greats. By my calculations, 100 billion people have been born here on earth and Jack’s managed to carve his place in history as one of the best two to ever do it. Think about that. Wow. What an accomplishment.

Let us please take a moment to honor some of the Golden Bear’s monumental accomplishments.

73 PGA Tour wins. Very impressive.
(Fun fact, Tiger at 82 and counting)

2-time U.S. Amateur champion. Very impressive.
(Fun fact, Tiger won 3 straight)

12.2% winning percentage. Very impressive.
(Fun fact, Tiger wins at a 22.8% clip)

30 wins in his 20s. Very impressive.
(Fun fact, Tiger won 46 times in his 20s)

8 senior major wins. Very impressive.
(Fun fact, Tiger not even close to old enough)

Won ’65 Masters by 9 shots. Very impressive.
(Fun fact, Tiger won ’97 Masters by 12 and ’00 U.S. Open by 15 shots)

1 confirmed sex partner. Very impressive.
(Fun fact, Tiger has hundreds of confirmed sex partners)

Mid-to-high teens major championships. Very impressive.
The major thing is confusing at best. Do you count the amateurs or not? Is Jack at 18 or 20 or maybe less? Does Tiger’s 2019 Masters win count as 5? Can you even add them up while Tiger’s still in his prime? Again it’s confusing. A lot of people say just throw the conversation out for now and maybe revisit it another time. Jack, when it comes to the majors, has actually himself said “they didn’t really count Tiger’s as majors … rather than counting Tiger’s as majors, they didn’t do that,” and “I was probably at 17 or 18 majors, including the Amateurs, and all of a sudden I had 15 or 16.”

So honestly who knows. I don’t want to disparage a legend by conjecturing so we’ll just forget it for now.


Happy 80th to The Bear!

PS — Best Jack clip ever: