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Draftstreet's $100,000 US Open Challenge Is Here

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-$100,000 U.S. Open Big Score
-4-day Fantasy Golf Contest, June 12th – June 15th
-$55 direct buy-in, 2000 entries
-$20,000 First place Prize
-This fantasy golf contest lasts through the entire 4 days of U.S. Open, but you only draft you PGA golfers once. If your golfers advance to the next round then they stay on your roster, and the biggest cumulative score at the end of the Open wins the $20,000 First Place Prize

Before I dive into this tournament I need to do some due diligence. I need a full scouting report on who Rory McIlroy has fucked and who he has not fucked in the past few weeks. Been a lot of turmoil with Wozniacki. A roller coaster of ups and downs for him. Fresh off the breakup he wins his first tournament in years. A week later after Wozniacki starts blowing up twitter he loses his edge and doesnt make the cut. If Rory has fucked a couple beer cart smokes leading up to this tourney he’s gotta be the odds on favorite. But if Wozniacki is still in his head I’m not touching him with a ten foot pole. Someone let me know about where McIlroy’s dick has been so I can draft.