Wednesday Afternoon #MailTime: 2 Years A Slave...To The Podcast

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Yesterday was the official 2 year anniversary of KFC Radio. 2 straight years of absolute nonsense. 2 straight years of killing productivity in corporate America. From voicemails to google hangouts to MailTime to DVR and everything in between, 2 years of me and BC in my bedroom with a couple of mics shooting the shit. 6.4 million downloads later after a huge explosion of growth these past 6 months and two different shows in the top 100 on iTunes – peaking in the top 5 and top 10 – here we are.

This week we talked about the stranger who ate lettuce right off my plate, the Rangers fan crying in the bathroom at Saloon, the Stanley Cup, The NBA Finals, the Boardy Barn and various other shit. Its the usual ranting and raving to help you get through life at work.

Laziest hour of your day starts now.