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WVU Beats The Hell Out Of Texas And Carries A Walk-On Off The Court Like Rudy After He Makes Bob Huggins Smile

West by God Virginia, man. What a night for WVU hoops. First, they beat the hell out of Texas and I mean they flat out kicked their ass. 

Somehow that score makes the game seem closer than what it actually was. 38 seems way too close. We'll get into that in a second, but the story here is my man Spencer Macke. The freshman walk-on getting carried off like he's Rudy after drilling a three and making Bob Huggins ... smile. I didn't know Huggins had that in him while on the court. 

I have no idea why they carried Macke off. He's just a regular walk-on. A dude who put up massive high school numbers in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area at a small school and earned a spot on the roster. He drilled his first ever points as a freshman. I think that's why it's so damn hilarious. 

That or maybe they realized this was the moment everyone talked about Shaka Smart being cooked at Texas unless a run happens. Smart was supposed to be the savior of this program, which is a top-10 job (not program, just job) in the country according to most coaches. Instead, it just showed ultimately what was Smart's problem the entire time at Texas. He decided not to bring HAVOC defense there, instead deciding to play more a halfcourt defense relying on big time bigs like Jarrett Allen, Mo Bamba, Jaxson Hayes, etc. The defense hasn't even been the problem. The offense at Texas under Smart has just been dogshit, to put it politely. 

Credit to Spencer too for having a sense of humor about it. Trying not to airball is a motto to live by as a hooper: