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Time To Separate The Die Hards From The Pink Hats: Game 4 Watch Party At Saloon Tonight

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It certainly doesn’t look good for Rags fans. But this is when you separate the real fans from the bandwagon Johnny Come Latelies. I keep seeing these Rangers fans at the watch parties and I’ll see a split between Callahan jerseys and St. Louis jerseys and you can tell there’s a clear divide. Not that theres anything wrong with rocking some MSL gear – guy is a legend. But you can see the bright blue colors and the crisp red numbers on the back. That dude just bought it after they beat the Penguins in Game 7. Meanwhile theres the guy in the Cally jersey thats all worn and tattered. Old logo and all. Been through it all with this team – good and bad. Waiting since 94 for another shot.

Well tonight is for those guys in the rugged, worn down jersey. Took 20 years to get back to the Cup, might as well cherish every single second you’re there now. Coming from a Mets fan I can tell you I’d soak in every single second of a World Series if I ever get there. Don’t care if I lost every game 100-0 and was on the verge of a sweep, I’d be there boozing it up with my fellow diehards relishing every moment.

We’ll be doing the same open bar as usual plus cornhole boards will be available tonight as well to toss some bags in between intermission and what not. Don’t be a bunch of pussy fair weather Miami Heat type fans, Rangers fans. This is me officially calling you out.


Saloon – 84th and York

Open Bar – $30 all you can drink beer, wine, premium liquor from puck drop to final whistle 

Food – $11 bar food sampler appetizer: wings, fingers, sticks and spring rolls

Extras – Fireball shot specials, cornhole boards available for play