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The Patriots Trashing The Red Sox For Being Little People Is Laugh Out Loud Funny



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I don’t know why but I found this shit hilarious. Belichick, McDaniels and Brady just killed the Red Sox for being tiny people. Belichick saying Pedroia was a buck fifty. Brady saying they must be so impressed by how big the Pats are. Too funny. Per usual whenever Belichick is mic’d up it’s must watch stuff.

Jerry’s Take

There’s not another city in America that could pull off an intense, toe-curling sportsgasm like this. Or anything even close to it. The World Series champs watching a football dynasty hand a former arch rival the worst beating (55 points, 610 total yards) in franchise history. The only way it could be better is if the greatest coach to ever wear a headset was wearing a mic. And he was. Seriously, NFL Films had me at “Bill Belichick put on a show for the 2013 champions…” But from there, The Hooded One just treated us to gem after gem:

*”They’re so little!” (A Rudy quote? Tell me he was going for the Rudy quote here and I might need to change my underwear.)

*”Keep rolling! We’re gonna keep scoring, now!” (If Belichick came in different action figure styles like GI Joe, my favorite would be Running Up the Score Bill.)

*”Matt! You want to bring it on this guy?!” (That, along with all the pressure/keep him in the pocket/ containment talk pretty much tells us what the game plan was. And it worked. As far as I remember, Roethlisberger managed to roll out maybe once all game, and that’s what he’s built his entire career around. Well, that and sexual assault.)

*”Damn! That’s my fault. I fucked that up.” (And people wonder why his players love playing for the man.)

*”Get his ass!” (No explanation necessary.)

*And finally: “Seven wins will not get anything in this league.” (Translation: “We rebooted our receiving corps. We went without our second most important offensive player, our top two running backs, lost our two defensive captains from the middle of our defense for the season, our best cover corner has missed games, and our most versatile weapon is sitting in a jail cell. Still we’re 7 and 2 and just blew the Steelers “dynasty” out of the building. And if the playoffs started today, we’d be the fucking No. 2 seed. Go home. Enjoy the bye. And rest up for the second half because when we come back, we’re bringing all hell with us.”)