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Dude Gets Pretty Excited To See Boobs On Game Of Thrones

“Ohhh! TITS!”

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 2.10.44 PM


Unless this kid is handicapped, huge for his age, or both, I think he’s little too excited for a pair of tits on TV. Its 2014 homie. You look like you’re almost in college. You don’t need to stay glued to the TV for an hour every Sunday looking to see some tits floating in the bathtub. Although, I will admit, there’s something special about non-porn nudity that will always make it better. Its kinda like how you’ll never pop in the DVD to Braveheart or order it on demand, but when its on TNT you’ll sit there for all 4 hours watching it that afternoon. Just something better about when it pops up unexpectedly. Thats why every episode you see that N for Nudity and SSC for Strong Sexual Content before Game of Thrones you get that much more excited. Who’s tits is it gonna be? The Red Woman? Ygritte? A bunch of the whores? Khaleesi? No it can’t be Khaleesi because she told them she’d have to get paid extra to do nudity after season 2. But maybe its still Khaleesi? CERSEI? Please Lord let it be Cersei in some naked incest!

Upon further review I guess I get just as excited as this dude does for Game of Thrones titties. Carry on with that celebration, dude. Play on playa.

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